A Close Encounter with Indigenous Tribe from Solomon Islands

Solomon Island

This photo shows an indigenous tribe woman from Mangalonga Island in

Solomon Islands, wearing a traditional dress accessorized by necklaces

made of dolphin’s teeth.

Traditional dolphin hunting using small boats and noise to drive the dolphins

to shore has been a practice for centuries by small indigenous tribes in the

Solomon Islands. In most cases, tribesmen kill dolphins for their teeth since

they are used as currency as well as made into jewelries as bridal dowries.

In recent years, however, dolphin dealing has become legal in Solomon Islands

and has been a source of income not only to the poverty stricken indigenous

tribes but also to expatriate dealers who are making millions of money from

dolphin trade, capturing, selling and exporting dolphins to aquariums and

marine parks around the world.

As a result, the capture of dolphins in the Solomon Islands continues, along

with the exploitation and corruption of indigenous people’s cultural traditions

and way of life.

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4 thoughts on “A Close Encounter with Indigenous Tribe from Solomon Islands

  1. I love dolphins…sad to hear…they are one of the most intelligent species on earth…

    • i agree…just look at her necklaces and imagine how many dolphins they have to kill for one necklace alone…by the way, some of those are made from dog’s teeth too… a cultural traditional thing that is being exploited by some….

  2. Love this up close portrait. Thanks for sharing!

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