Driving in Mid Wales

Driving through Elan Valley, Wales


Driving in Mid Wales through the Elan Valley trail is the most scenic route I have experienced. Often

referred to as the Lake District of Wales, Elan Valley has five reservoirs tucked away on the edge of the

Cambrian Mountains with a spectacular scenery ideal for hikers and cyclists.  Driving will take you

on a 360 degree tour of  stunning lakes and dams surrounded by steep sided valleys and rich wildlife…

totally awesome!


What is your favorite destination in Wales?



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14 thoughts on “Driving in Mid Wales

  1. looks cold…nice landscape…love what you captured with the light in the clouds

    • thanks tincup and thanks for keeping your promise to return to my blog….hope you had a good sleep 🙂

      • of course I keep my promise…lol…landscape and nature / architecture photography close to my heart…keep it up. I will visit again when I get back from little trip.

      • happy trip and will wait for your return and new stories in your blog too,,, 🙂

  2. This is beautiful! I have never been to Wales…would love to go. Thanks for giving me av virtual taste of it!

  3. Hay on Wye and the Black Mountains or maybe North Wales up around Snowdonia. My home country. 😊

  4. Thanks for liking my post this week. Stunning photo! I spent three weeks in Wales last year, which I blogged about. I was in North Wales in the Nant Ffrancon valley, which is beautiful.

    • thank you….Wales is one of the places i would like to visit again….i keep on saying how lucky
      the people who are living there… to be surrounded by beautiful landscape of sea and mountains….
      must be amazing to wake up every morning 🙂 thanks for visiting my blog and hope you come back…

  5. favourite place in Wales………..where would you like me to start??? I guess we’re 2 of the lucky people you refer to. Yay ^_^

  6. Beautiful sky. Wales is on my “go there someday” list.

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