Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

Changing Season Collage



Coming from a tropical country, ive always dreamt of seeing snow and experience walking on it.

During my Christmas holiday in the United Kingdom, I was lucky to have seen not just a flurry of

snowfalls but also experienced walking on the street during a blizzard, getting stuck in the traffic

during a snow storm, played with snowballs, rolled over like a kid in the snow and most of all hiked

on a snow covered mountain in Surrey.

But what really amazed me most is how quickly snow changes  not just the environment and its

surroundings but also its form.  When snow falls on the ground, it is fluffy, light and powdery.

Depending on the amount of the snow falls, it covers the whole area turning it into a white magical

place in just a short span of time.   During the cycle of melting and refreezing, ice turns heavier and

granular and eventually into a dense mass.   The melting from snow/ice occurs in high temperature

during daytime allowing the meltwater to percolate at the base of snowpack.

But how does snow ice form if the ground temperature is above freezing?

My curiousity got through me and i decided to find some answers through my camera lens.  This

series of macrophotography of melting snow ice was taken on a sunny day while hiking in Box Hill,

a beautiful area situated in Surrey, South East of London with a breathtaking views across the

surrounding countryside.

Have a look at these photos and find out what the ice figures or shapes remind you of…….

# 1

Ice 1


ice 2


Ice 3


Ice 4


ice 5


Ice 6


ice 7


ice 8


ice 9


ice 10


ice 11


ice 12


ice 13


ice 14


ice 15


ice 16


ice 17


ice 18

Which snow ice photo did you like the most?


Copyright © 2012, All Rights Reserved
All content and photography are original content and creations of the author and creator, Susan Mae Detera,

unless stated otherwise. Copyright on ALL content, including any of these photos, is All Rights Reserved and

may not be used, reposted or re-distributed without express written permission from the author.

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27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

  1. Excellent shots, Susan! Love how you captured a series of shapes of the melted ice.

  2. I like the 7th. It looked like an upside down “rock and roll” hand symbol. ;-p

    • thanks…hahaha never thought of that lol….its more like an extracted wisdom tooth to me lol…thanks for visiting my blog and liking some of my photos…..

  3. Lots to inspire the imagination – well spotted and captured. Really like these sculptures suspended in a moment of time.

  4. Simply stunning photos and such pure exactness in the detail of natures handiwork. Thank you for sharing your photos.

    • Thank you for your heartwarming comment and for visiting my blog…i will continue to share more of these ‘gasmic’ images to everyone…cheers…

  5. Lovely images.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and liking “Tragedy”. I hope you stop by again soon.

    • I will RobynG…I love the way you combine poetry and photos to tell a story….thanks for visiting my blog as well…keep up the good work….

  6. Beautiful, beautiful shots. Fifteen years ago we had a horrendous ice storm here, power lines down all over the place, millions without heat and electricity for literally weeks in -20C cold, hydro towers toppled, trees down and damaged beyond recovery … but despite all that there was tremendous beauty in the swath of nature’s destruction – such as you have captured above. Every twig and blade of grass of swaddled in multiple layers of ice – I wish I had gotten such gorgeous shots as these.

    • Thank you Lynne. That was the same feeling when i was walking in the street taking photos during a blizzard in UK in 2010. I was like a kid playing in the snow unmindful of the danger. I was so amazed with how everything changed to pure white. It was my first snow experience. It was the same feeling when i experienced hail storm for the first time in New Zealand. I stretched out my arms to catch the ice and took photo of it. People were looking at me like im one crazy girl jumping in the street during a hail storm, LOL. You can still try to take macro shots of snow ice and you will be surprised how it will turn out…when i took this photo, i didnt have the figure or shape in mind. I only noticed it when i looked at it in my computer’s monitor. That was the surprising fun part 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog and liking some of my photos and for taking the time to comment. Have a nice week ahead!

  7. 7,10,11. I like your description – it’s easy to imagine how caught up you were in this moment – these moments.

  8. thanks bluebrightly….you are right, i was up on that hill for a long time looking for melting ice that my feet were already frozen i had to ask help in hiking back to the base camp….lol…thanks for visiting my blog

  9. snow and ice photogrpahy is very interesting

  10. nice shots and thanks for the visit.

  11. Really nice photographs. You don’t see too many people closing in on the nuances f scenes, let alone as well as you do the job. Thanks for sharing, and thank you for checking out my blog, as well. billyeats.com

  12. Pingback: Melting Ice « Sahlah

  13. Hi there, Susan! Please to meet you! This set of images is fascinating! I, too, love macro photography. Thanks so much for liking an earlier post of mine, “White Feather and Tiny Stars”. If you haven’t had enough of ice, cold and winter yet, take another look at my site – bunches of wintery photos from the Colorado Rockies!.

    • Hi Laurie, thanks for coming back to me…i already followed your blog…i wish i could experience snow again…
      im now in the summer tropical island in Asia so no more winter for me…but thanks for sharing…looking at your photo
      makes me miss snow and winter in general!

  14. Cool collection.

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