Snow Storm in Wimbledon

Blizzard in Wimbledon

Unexpectedly, a snow storm hit Wimbledon in UK while i was wandering around the village.  The weather

was okay when i arrived.  But after 2 hours of walking around the area, it changed drastically from

a flurry of snowfalls to cold windy snow storm…in just a matter of about 15 minutes the whole area

was covered in snow turning it to a ghost town.  I was ecstatic since it was my first snow adventure.

Traffic was horrible on the way home, but i did not mind at all…I was just busy taking photos of every

corner we passedby.  This photo was one of the best shots I had of Wimbledon Park that day.

Wimbledon Village is known for its lawn tennis championship games but more than that, it has a great

atmosphere for relaxation and chilling out away from the hectic pace of Central London.




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4 thoughts on “Snow Storm in Wimbledon

  1. strawberryquicksand

    Haha Isn’t snow FUN! Isn’t it AWESOME! I grew up on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia where it is never even cold enough to wear a jumper most of the time, let alone snow. I moved to the Snowy Mountains/Monaro region in NSW and worked at Thredbo so I got to see snow every day. I still get excited when it snowed!!!

    • yes same here, im from a tropical country and ive never seen snow till i went to UK for xmas holiday…i loved it and if i have a choice i would love to go where its snowing right now….:) you are lucky to be working in Thredbo in the snow! 🙂 enjoy and make the most of it…thanks for dropping by my blog…..

  2. Chilling out indeed 😉

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