Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

Delicate Swan



I love white swan especially when it flaunt its feathers exuding beauty and grace with each

movement delicately choreographed.  I took this photo in the River Reuss in Luzern (Lucerne),

Switzerland.  There were so many swans and ducks swimming  in the river.  But it was this delicate

beauty that caught my attention.  I was so intrigued by how it twisted its neck to pluck its feather

while gently moving along with the river flows.  It totally made my day!

River Reuss is where you will find the famous mediaval wooden bridge, one of the oldest bridge

of Luzern.  Famous among artists, the bridge features a series of medieval-style 17th

Century paintings called “The Black Death” by Gaspar Meglinger.  It also has a small chapel in

the middle dedicated to the Virgin Mary.  The bridge also offers different views of the city of

Luzern.  If you want to see the delicate beauty of white swans, have a walk on this bridge or

stroll along the walkways of River Reuss!

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20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

  1. Lovely capture!

  2. patientgardener

    wonderful shot – so atmospheric

  3. I don’t naturally think of swans as delicate – they are such big creatures and can be very aggressive – but this beautiful photo and your description make sense – I love the idea that it was grooming itself while gently floating down the river. Nice! And thanks for stopping by my blog –

    • thanks bluebrightly, i wasnt sure myself if swans are considered delicate but when i saw this beauty, i thought why not? 🙂 thanks too for visiting my blog…

  4. Beautiful picture, did you use anything to soften the image? or is this as taken. Ian.

    • thanks irodger….i had a filter on my camera that helps soften the image…i waited for the swan to float directly where the sunlight is…then i adjusted the brightness and contrast in microsoft office picture manager and put border and sharpen a bit in picasa then put my watermark text using photoshop…thanks for visiting my blog…..

  5. Junsjazz

    Beautiful dreamy image! keep on clicking! Happy Holidays!

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  7. Have you seen the ballet Swan Lake? Nice photo…they are magical creatures.

    • Nope, i have not seen the ballet, but i heard it is really good….thanks for your comment and for keep on visiting my blog…really appreciate it.

  8. gorgeous…a really lovely image

  9. wow! that’s all I can say! – rita

  10. Always wanted to visit the outside of Italy Roman ruins in Europe, Africa and Middle East.

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