An Array of Stunning Colours Along the Lisbon Coast

Lisbon Coast

If you are looking for a splendid spot to admire sunset, the Lisbon coast in Portugal will give you a

picture perfect shot of the kaleidoscope of colours that spread out in the sky as you watch the sun sets

at the westernmost point of mainland Europe.  The entire Lisbon coast has fabulous beaches with fine

golden sand and breathtaking scenery.  There are a number of public beaches, each offering a variety

of different settings and bases usually requiring guests to bring their own beach chairs.  However,

most of these public beaches are easily accessible from the city or town centre and offers a number

of affordable seafood restaurants which turns into a club or a bar during the night.

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8 thoughts on “An Array of Stunning Colours Along the Lisbon Coast

  1. Beautiful…and thanks for little summary of Lisbon…haven’t been there

  2. nice photo, looking forward to going there again some day, its been 20 years since I spent time there with family,en route to New York and Canada, from Southern Africa.

  3. Lovely! 🙂

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