A Standing Dead Tree

Old Trees Botswana

Aside from wildlife, Botswana offers a variety of old mature trees often having dead branches and

twigs.  These old dead trees dominate the desert plains and are an ideal nesting places for birds.

The bare branches are often shaped in different unique figures which  make it a good subject for

photographers. So when you are heading for a safari adventure in Botswana, don’t just focus on

wildlife…look out for these dead trees for you will see something worth clicking.

What do you see in this picture?

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11 thoughts on “A Standing Dead Tree

  1. adetokunbohr

    Nice shot. I think i can see something else.

  2. adetokunbohr

    Am i the only one seeing the semblance of a dead man lying on his back (like someone that was shot) on the left end of that broken bough? Mind you, i said semblance.

  3. adetokunbohr

    so what do you see, i’m waiting…

    • i see a figure of the head of a dragon with the eyes and nose and piece of the wing on the side….it can also be some kind of an animal, i just cant figure out what LOL…..

  4. adetokunbohr

    WOW. Ok?

  5. I see a huge bird. Kind of how you had pictured the dragon, the long piece on the right of the picture being its beak, and the wing as if it’s flying.

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