Sharing Christmas Blessings


Originally my intention for this photo blog was to be an extension of a travel blog,

sort of like an image storage.  But then i started developing this ‘extension’ before

doing the main blog until for some reasons i got hooked up with it.  I ended up not

doing anything (yet!) for my main blog although i still plan on developing it.

I think one of the reasons why i got so attached to this blog was the reception of

fellow bloggers who followed my blog, commented and liked my photos.

After a month, i received an unexpected Christmas gift from wordpress:



I don’t have any idea as to the standard number of traffic, ratings and followers one should

get per month.  But as a neophyte here in wordpress, +100 followers in a month’s time

already means a lot to me.

To these 100 bloggers and 2 email subscribers (including the 14 who just followed me

today) thank you for following my blog.  You keep on inspiring me to work hard to

post at least one photo/post a day….giving you something to look forward to everyday.

For all those who liked and commented on my posts/photo, thank you….You keep on

encouraging me to improve my art.

So this Christmas, as a way of my appreciation, i have listed down my first +100 followers

(arranged according to the dates of signing up) with their website links.

I would like to encourage my visitors to visit their blogs too as each one has a story to tell

that might be of relevant to our own life’s journey.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Gasm Travels First 100 followers:

1.     The Mind of RD Revilo

2.     janjansenpoezie

3.     Words Fusion

4.     CitraGran Cibubur

5.     Workofejponte

6.     maria precioso

7.    yonaphoto

8.     zewpress

9.    Ristikati

10.  marykayabblett

11.  thanefurrows

12.  religiousbuildings

13.  Daisy Atkinson

14.  uthamz

15.  Patrick Latter

16.  turkischland

17.  talain45

18.  Super-Kam007

19.  septicalvar

20.  veryproundtobe

21.  Sojourning Abroad – Justin

22.  phwriter11

23.  Bogdan Marius Beleuz

34.  Quiller

35.  greenlightlady

36.  ayasawa

37.  Jessica

38.  madshutterbug

39.  motherloverhuh

40.  Stephanie Cook

41.  Tincup

42.  Virginia Duran

43.  નિરવ ની નજરે . . !

44.  AadiRohilla

45.  thatgirlwhoreadsbooks

46.  Gracie

47.  Alex Suarez

48.  rodneybukuya

49.  Jennifer

50.  wickedforeign

51.  gmae

52.  garethology

53.  Surasak

54.  captainphilmorris

55.  lightguidejournal

56.  mariflies

57.  eM

58.  The Scales of Time

59.  jerry

60.  adventurousandrea

61.  jamesfreemab3

62.  Inneryeti

63.  robj1971

64.  RobynG

65.  The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap

66.  L’Homme

67.  thethriftyvixen

68.  Junsjazz

69.  randomiser144

70.  Billie-Mae

71.  A Mere Mortal

72.  sujinyan

73.  Cathy

74.  Hazel

75.  ctzhanim

76.  Earthquakeboy

77.  patientgardener

78.  mrmusicallion

79.  Tom Harley

80.  lifelyricsandpics

81.  scott2608

82.  Ma. Novie Godmalin

83.  marksunderland

84.  Emi Valdarquis

85.  polaroidized

86.  Pride in Photos Photography

87.  frizztext

88.  viewsplash

89.   stylianos

90.  LizzieJoy

91.  Jack

92.  johngalt

93.  Anonymous Bacolod

94.  Catherine

95.  steve bohnstedt

96.  dralfoldman

97.  cslcs

98.  davidharris518

99.  toxicprof

100.  tara30aren07

Email Followers:



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6 thoughts on “Sharing Christmas Blessings

  1. Congratulations! I love your Christmas tree photo!
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  2. Nice tree and lanterns…and nice giving post…congratulations on number of participants and likes…keep it up.

    • Thanks Tincup…for being the most active of them all…appreciate all your comments and support 🙂

      • That is one of the reasons I am here blogging…to support the young in their struggle to create and pursue beauty…your photographs reveal an open heart and a love of the great mystery…you will always have my support…even if we may differ on some trite things.

      • Merry Christmas Tincup! 🙂 I’m all smile just by reading your comments ….. hope to read more from you this 2013….btw…im learning a lot too from your blog!

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