Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

Donkey 2

Taken by Surprise by a Donkey’s Erection

The first time i saw a donkey with an erection was in Tsabong, Kgalagadi District, Botswana . We were

driving on the main highway when i saw this donkey in the middle of the road with a huge penis. I wasnt

sure what it was at that time. And when we got closer, i shrieked out. My colleague stopped the car

abruptly and we almost skidded down the road. He asked me what was wrong. I said, did u see that?

Is it what i think it was? (enphasizing the size of a penis using both hands) And he said, “You almost

got us killed because of that?” I replied, “but that was huge man…first time to see a donkey’s penis!”

It was a big surprise to me.  He drove past it and i completely forgot to take a photo because of shock.

Donkey 3

That afternoon, we were almost near the village when he again stopped abruptly the car. He manoeuvred

it back to the road and pointed outside. He told me, “Quick, get your camera!” I saw another male donkey

with erected penis about to mount the female donkey. I hurriedly got my camera. But it was too late.

By the time i managed to adjust the setting, the female donkey had moved away.

Donkey 5

We waited like idiots sitting inside the car waiting for the male donkey to have another erection and to

mount the female. I guess the couple knew that they don’t have privacy anymore so they parted ways.

On our way back home, we saw again another male donkey (again with that huge penis pointed straight

to the ground).  I again missed to photograph it. I told my colleague that i must have a photo of a donkey

with its huge penis to show to my family and friends back home.  (Donkeys are very rare in my country)

He said, “Dont worry we will find another one. Prepare yourself for a photoshoot journey in search of a

horny donkey.”

Donkey 4

Hence, we made it a mission to look out for donkeys with erected penis lol. As we drove from one

village to another, we finally saw these two donkeys. I got a few nice shots of the male donkey with

erected huge penis following a female donkey. He was about to mount the female when a car passed by

disturbing the animals.   Grrrrr!

Donkey 1

I am always gobsmacked everytime i see a horney donkey having an erection.  Ive never expected it to be

that huge….and….well…um….LONG!!!   It caught me completely by surprise!

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19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

  1. Lmfao…ha ha ha…you should see an erect horse penis…not only long…but girth…these donkeys have long pencil dicks….lol.

    • yah i nearly collapsed when i first saw the horse penis too…i was open mouthed and so amazed! unfortunately i dont have a camera with me that time…..also i expected that bulls have the largest because of its size…i was also surprised when i saw its tiny little penis hahaha….

      • ha ha…well…bulls have big balls…lol…anyhoo…I doubt the donkey dance would be much of a show…most male animals get it done in seconds…it is only us human males that have to worry about making a show of it…lmao

      • agree! LOL!

  2. Gives a whole new meaning to the term Donkey Kong.

  3. adetokunbohr

    WOW, a donkey’s phallus. I’m seeing on your page for the first time…You saw this in Botswana? You seem to have been everywhere.

  4. LOL! Hey thanks for stopping by and liking my post! Hopefully, Mr. Donkey had a better day later! Peace!

  5. lucewriter

    Hahahahaha. Poor donkey can’t get any privacy. LOL

  6. hahahaha…this is cool …I could never imagine…and I agree with Luce…no privacy 🙂

  7. cool photos 😉 too bad you didn’t get to see the whole show.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post on New Orleans.

  8. fucky the killer doll

    thanks for the welcome by the way speaking of donkeys my family happens to own 2 donkeys male and female

  9. fucky the killer doll

    ive seen my donkeys dick before fully-erect touching the ground and i ran to get my camera but i couldn’t find it in my mess of a room

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