Gasm Travels’ First Blog Award Nomination


A blog meme (blog award) is not a sponsored blog awards.  It is a viral game among bloggers where one can generate links and make new blogging friends and increase publicity for your blog.  (though personnally, i would like to think that someone really like my blog and find it interesting for him/her to nominate me).  It is also a fun way for your readers to get to know you more. So if you want to participate  in the blog award meme game, you have to follow rules or instructions posted in the blog of the person who nominated you.

Last January 6, I received my first ever nomination for a blog award, the Liebster award, a recognition for bloggers who are “up and coming” meaning have less than 200 followers or whose blog have just been published recently. I was nominated for a Liebster award by Michaela, a fellow blogger. Michaela’s blog, The Diary of a Mom…Grade 3, focuses on her everyday life as a mother of three children. She also posts regular updates about her kids. Thank you Michaela for this nomination.


If you receive a nomination for the Liebster award, you are required to do the following:

a. tell 11 things about yourself

b. answer 11 questions asked by the nominating blogger

c. nominate 11 new bloggers

d. ask 11 questions to the bloggers you nominated

e. inform the bloggers you choose

So today’s post will be in response to my nomination for the Liebster award….


1) I have a fear of heights. However, I decided to face it once and for all by bunji jumping at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. It was the scariest thing Ive ever done but something I will forever be proud of.

2) I have lived both in the happiest and the unhappiest places on earth, Vanuatu and Botswana respectively. I was living in Vanuatu in 2006 when it won the happiest place on earth in the “happy planet index” published by the New Economics Foundation (NEF). In 2012, I was on my last year of stay in Botswana when it won the unhappiest place on earth out of 151 countries surveyed by NEF.

3) I am scared of cockroaches and had a phobia of rats when one little mouse decided to sleep on my chest. I nearly cut off my vocal cord from screaming. One of my neighbors called the police because they thought a thief has attacked me!

4) I am a TV addict. When im at home, my TV is on 24 hours not that im watching all the time. I just want to hear people talking when im alone in the room. I cannot sleep in total darkness and total silence, so my TV helps me on this if i don’t have a sleeping companion.

5) I am a chocoholic, anything that has choco on it – ice cream, cakes, drinks, candies – I will eat it. It has become my comfort food especially when I am traveling.

6) I drink frappucino or mocha milk shake when im mad or angry. It calms my nerves and makes me feel better.

7) I have a contagious laughter.

8) I love painting thanks to a well-known Aussie watercolor painter/teacher who discovered my talent while confined at a hospital in Australia.  She saw me sketching using my pen while eating at the hospital’s cafeteria.  The next day, she sent me a complete set of watercolor books and painting materials as a gift. From then on, i developed a new hobby — watercolor painting.

9) I love dancing. It is my way of getting rid of stress and coping with boredom. While leaving in Botswana, my night life was limited. I don’t have many opportunities to go out for dancing then. I bought a disco light and turned my living room into a disco floor where I invite some friends or just dance on my own when I need to.

10) I used to have addiction with facebook. It took me a long time to cure my addiction. The first time I deactivated my account, I felt like I was at a drug rehabilitation center on a withdrawal symptom! Luckily, im now clean with it maintaining only my FB page. Now im getting addicted to blogging and my iphone.

11) I still dream of living a nomadic life, always moving, always exploring, always taking risks, always wandering, always free to live life to the fullest. My goal is to go on a round the world trip by age 45.

11 QUESTIONS FROM The Diary of a Mom…Grade 3:

1)What is your favorite hobby? Blogging and social networking.

2)What is the one thing that drives you the most crazy? Liars and ‘plastic’ people

3)Who is your favorite author and why? Paulo Coelho because he is both entertaining and inspirational.

4) What or who got you into blogging? My photography and travels got me into blogging.

5) Name one thing on your bucket list. Round the world trip for 1-2 years.

6) What is the most exotic place you’ve travelled to? Andaman and Nicobar Islands in India

7)Describe your idea of the worst vacation ever. When you are traveling with friends or a partner and you end up fighting all the time on petty things which totally ruins a perfect vacation. I hate drama while traveling!

8) What is your guiltiest TV pleasure? Watching the 24 tv series in DVD for 2 days non stop!

9) Who has had the biggest influence in your life? My Aussie friend, Alex. He was the reason why i decided to live and work and travel abroad.

10) Name one decision you made that changed your life, that you wish you could go back and choose the other path. Falling madly in love with a wrong guy.

11) What is your least favorite time of the year? My Birthday. I have a fragapane phobia, one who does not wish for anyone to acknowledge or celebrate their birthday.  Maybe i am the woman version of Peter Pan 🙂


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1. What is the most rewarding experience you have had and what made it so?

2. If you had the chance to go back in time for 24 hours, where and when would you go?

3. What’s something you know you do differently than most people?

4. If you could have sex with any superhero, who would you choose and why?

5. If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be and why?

6. If you had to work on only one project for this year, what would it be?

7. If you had 1 million dollars, what would you do with it?

8. Looking back on your life, what do you regret?

9. If you had to move to a state or country besides the one you currently live in,                                                                                                         where would you move and why?

10. What is the nastiest trick you played on a friend?

11. If your life were a motion picture, what would the title be?


Photo taken at the Kalahari Desert in Botswana.

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3 thoughts on “Gasm Travels’ First Blog Award Nomination

  1. Congrats! Ans what a lovely image to accompany your award! Blessings, Robyn

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