Harare’s Red Rock National Monument


Domboshava Hills National Monument and Museum Site is a short drive out from the city of Harare in Zimbabwe. Domboshava meaning the ‘red rock’ in Shona translation encloses spectacular granite geological formations and a cave where you can find late Stone-Age rock paintings.  Major attractions include an Interpretive Centre, dusty rural landscapes, beautiful rock art panels, sacred forests and wooded vegetation, flowing stream/pools and self-guided walking trails safe for hiking.  There are also camping grounds and toilet facilities as well as picnic areas.  A great day retreat in the outdoors for those staying or having a stopover in Harare is to have a picnic at the Domboshava Hills whilst exploring its historical monument site and enjoying the breathtaking cityscape view at its summit.


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16 thoughts on “Harare’s Red Rock National Monument

  1. Gorgeous photo!!

  2. What a photograph! I bet you were excited to see what you had caught on film! Wonderful Susan…very exotic

    • Tincup!!! thought you have totally disappeared! Welcome back….missed you this past few days 🙂 and thanks as usual for your nice comments…photography is tricky though…looking at your camera LCD, you get excited thinking that you had the perfect shot but then when u see it in your computer monitor, you get disappointed if the shot you had was not exactly what you wanted….. 🙂

      • I am not neglecting you…just had a few nights of work in a row…you know how that goes. Yes…I know what your are saying…it is even worse when you are using film and go through the whole development process for a dud:-)

      • happy your back 🙂

  3. That sky is just beautiful!

  4. simonsundarajkeun

    Reblogged this on Simon Sundaraj-Keun.

  5. fransiweinstein

    Cannot believe that sky!

  6. ajaytao2010

    excellent pic

  7. ajaytao2010

    You are a great photographer

    I love your photography. Nice meeting you Susan thanks for visiting my blog

    great to be friends

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