English Speaking Khmer Kids

Khmer Kids

These two Khmer girls in Siem Reap in Cambodia reminded me of the children in Angkor Wat.  As soon as you arrive at Angkor Wat, you will see a group of children running towards you, attempting to sell various items to tourists such as  bottled water, bracelets, fans, postcards, among others. These kids are quite persistent and can be annoying as they will keep on following you around.  But what makes them charming to tourists is that most of them can have a decent conversation with you in English.  Often you hear them repeatedly shouting “Only 1 dollar” or “Special discount only for you”.  Most of these kids can engage in a meaningful conversation with you and would often volunteer to be your tour guide in exchange for food or cash.  Try not to buy from them as you are creating a circle of dependency.  If you want to help, give them food instead of money.  Alternatively, donating to local NGOs might be a wiser way to support the local community.

Siem Reap serves as the gateway to the century old temples of Angkor Wat, Cambodia’s famous tourist destination.

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One thought on “English Speaking Khmer Kids

  1. We are all dependent…lol…

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