‘Wooden’ Bird on a Branch

I was taking photos of flowers in the garden of Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain when i noticed some movements on a branch of a rose plant.  At first i did not see the bird because its color is almost the same as the branches.  But then it moved again… and so is my subject in focus….

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12 thoughts on “‘Wooden’ Bird on a Branch

  1. Such a perfect match! Great photo!

  2. What a fun surprise! I can’t believe how the colors match!

  3. My goodness, the little bird really is the color of the limbs. How interesting. It would almost have alarmed me when it moved! So pretty. I love this image.

  4. In focus and camouflaged, Does “Where’s Waldo” books don’t have anything on this bird. Great timing. Were you able to find out what type of bird it was?

  5. Talk about timing being everything! Thanks for stopping by my flowers “Blue Daffodil” and “Camellia”!

  6. rqpanda

    Wow, great photo! The Alhambra gardens are so pretty, but I never saw a bird like that!

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