Lost in the Palace of the Lost City


I was admiring the towers of the Palace of the Lost City during a road trip when I saw this dove with an out-stretched wing.  For a while, it was not moving at all.  I thought it was part of the mosaic of the tower. Then, it moved its head. I took a quick photo capturing the bird’s unique position.

The Palace of the Lost City is one of the world’s most extraordinary hotels in the world.  Located in South Africa, the Palace offers 5-star service lavishing its guests with mystical ambiance and true luxury. The Palace is adorned with exquisite mosaics, frescoes, towers with elephant tusk embellishments, hand painted ceilings and expensive artworks. Room rates is from $330 to $1700 per night.



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16 thoughts on “Lost in the Palace of the Lost City

  1. fransiweinstein

    Great shot!

    • thank you, Fransi…i still owe you my response to your nomination…i have not forgotten…will soon be posting it…sorry for the delay…was held up with work the past few days….thanks for continuously visiting my blog….

  2. Beautiful shot! Is that the real color of the bird? It’s gorgeous.

    • hi gracie, yes, it almost looked the same color, it was the striking blue colors that caught my eyes… i have just enhanced a bit the contrast of the image.

  3. Awesome photo! Great blog too, very cool/creative/unique.

  4. stunning colors!! the gorgeous blues next against earthy tones

  5. Susan, I love the rich warm colors of this beautiful picture! Nicely done!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  6. Wow! Magnificent, Susan. Love this one, AND you posted it on my birthday – how great it that (just kidding).
    Thanks for more nods on my posts “Daffodil in B&W”, “Coral”, “

  7. Sorry, fingers going numb….

  8. Absolutely beautiful. You have spectacular photos. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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