The Gondola Man


A gondola driver is called a ‘gondolier’.  In Venice, gondoliers typically wear a uniform outfit of black trousers, a striped shirt and a hat with a red sash.  They row standing up using a long oar.  Today, gondoliers work more for tourists than for Venetians as gondolas are no longer used as public local transportation.

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6 thoughts on “The Gondola Man

  1. There are still a few gondolas used as public transport, but they just cross the canals rather than go from one area to another.

  2. Don’t they keep the uniform only because of the touristic appeal? (Much like waiters wearing the striped sailor tee and scarf around Montmartre in Paris?)

  3. This city is merely the most beautiful place worldwide! The Venice Carnival is actually awesome!
    The masks and clothing are gorgeous as well as the scenery is merely wonderful.
    With Venice, there is always something new to find out.
    Thank you for The Gondola Man | Gasm Travels and for writing about my beloved city.

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