Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

Color is the highlight of this week’s Photo Challenge. I was contemplating of which one to showcase between a gallery of objects focused on one color or a macro photography of flowers. However, I decided to focus on the natural colors of a country.

Thinking of my travels, I wondered where I saw dramatic color contrasts of scenery and landscapes. Then I remembered the unique ‘gasm’ experience I had during my 3-week backpacking trip in New Zealand. I witnessed the magnificent explosion of colors filling the vast open spaces of stunning landscapes, amazing sceneries, gorgeous beaches, unique wildlife and fauna that make New Zealand’s nature experience even more memorable.

I have decided to feature the NATURAL COLORS OF NEW ZEALAND as my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Color.

Below is a gallery of New Zealand’s colorful nature I have photographed around South and North Islands.






183240007991833113079921959905799Christchurch, New Zealand




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11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

  1. Very nice :). I think this week’s challenge is only difficult for B&W photographers 😀

  2. Beautiful! I wanted to take my wife to NZ for our 25th wedding anniversary, but it would have cost our as yet unborn grandchildren to make the trip from the US. Thanks for taking us there via photography.

  3. vishalbheeroo

    beautiful and amazing pictures.

  4. elatlboy

    Beautiful, colorful NZ pictures! 🙂

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  6. wolfennacht

    Wow, these pictures are breathtakingly beautiful! The colors are absolutely striking. As a Scot, nature is very dear to me, and if I have the money one day, New Zealand is definitely worth a visit if this is the beauty that will greet me! 🙂

    • Yes it is worth visiting but also Scotland is beautiful, it reminded me of New Zealand when i was there exploring the highlands….

      • wolfennacht

        Yes, it took me a while to really appreciate the beautiful land I live on, but now I do realize the ample opportunities for beautiful photos! My avatar picture here is one I took on a random trip up north. 🙂

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