Scottish Highland Cattle


One of the main highlights of my Scottish Highland Tour is seeing Hamish, the highland bull.  Although drenched in rain, I can still see the distinct characteristics of Hamish from other breed of cattle. It was the first time I saw a highland bull in its own homeland in western Scotland.  Highland cattle have double coat of long, thick, flowing hair that protects them from the harshest of environment like rain and snow.  Despite their majestic long sweeping horns, highland cattle are considered to be an even-tempered animal.  They are gentle and easily handled with superior intelligence and calm nature.  They come in various colors.  I also learned that they produce good quality meat with low levels of fat.

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6 thoughts on “Scottish Highland Cattle

  1. Serenity

    A man my dad used to work with has these cattle here in town. They are funny but cute looking creatures. You can drive up to his house and view them by the road. I think they are kinda kool with him. I don’t know what he does with them, like keep them as pets or has them for food. I never looked into them to see if they are used for food or more for pets. I suppose they could go either way. I imagine they get quite soggy, waterlogged, and smelly when wet, especially in the highlands of Scotland where it rains alot.
    Nice post!

    • Thanks Serenity for sharing this…perhaps you can drive up to there and find out more info and get photos too 🙂
      They are just so cute…i would love to have one if im staying in a farm 🙂

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  3. mrhugo2013

    I want a Hamish! haha

  4. I love him!! The horns, the hair … and drenched to boot!

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