Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

One afternoon in Gaborone, I went out with a Serbian friend for a photoshoot trip.  Our first stop was the Gaborone Game Reserve.  We were hoping to find the rhinos.  It was the only ‘big five must see animals’ in Africa that I have not seen yet.  We were told the rhinos often are seen roaming around near the restaurant during winter, so off we went with our camera gears.  When we arrived, we were told that there was no sighting of rhinos around the vicinity since the winter season started.  We were dismayed.  So I went around to explore and take photos of flowers and fishes swimming at a nearby creek. Then I heard movements above me.  I looked up. To my surprise, there were hundreds of yellow birds building nests at the same time at a century old tree.  I called my friend and off we went to our photographic mode, both of us lost in one of nature’s best and most magnificent sights!

My entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Up …. I present to you the African weaver birds at work!

bird 1



bird 3




Looking up, this is how it looks like!

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10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

  1. Absolutely delightful! Thanks!

  2. This is amazing!

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  4. And if mrs weaver bird doesn’t like his handiwork, she rips it out and he has to start again…poor hardworking male!

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  6. What a lucky accident! This is amazing, I can only imagine getting to watch them build these. No, thanks to you, I was there! Thanks again for sharing your luck with us!

    • Hi Janine, thanks again…hope everything is okay now with you and have moved on…im happy to share my photos and stories…take care…

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