Uncovering Cape Town’s Nudist Beach

I have never been to a nudist beach before.  I am always curious as to why and how people flaunt themselves naked in public beaches. Hence, visiting a nudist beach has always been part of my bucket list.

As I listed down the places I want to visit in Cape Town, I find that almost all attractions are interesting.  However, one in particular stands out from my list: Sandy Beach, Cape Town’s one and only nudist beach.

Situated along a secluded bay past Llandudno Beach along the road between Cape Town to Cape Point, Sandy Beach is a quiet and tranquil setting allowing naturists to have their own privacy whilst enjoying the untouched natural coastline.

sandy beach

In order to get to Sandy Bay, you have to walk about 15-20 minutes from the parking lot in Llandudno.  When you find the “No Nudism along this path” sign, you are on the right track.

sandy beach 2

The beach is enclosed by sand dunes, high rocky mountains, big boulders and bushy slopes.  You can stay either at the cove of boulders or move on to the main beach and enjoy the stretch of white sand.

sandy beach 3

There are no shops or vendors around, only naked people (mostly men!) wandering around the cove boulders.  (I opted not to show them here though!)

Aside from its attraction to naturists, the area is also a nature reserve popular with hikers and conservationists.

sandy beach 4

The private mansion lying on a low cliff-top overlooking the wide Sandy Beach intrigues me.  I wonder if the owner uses a binocular to watch naturists sunbathing naked by the beach.  Hmmm…

sandy beach 5

For those of you who want a quiet and secluded nudist beach, Sandy Beach is the place to go in Cape Town!

Swimming naked in an African Beach is definitely a surreal experience!

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17 thoughts on “Uncovering Cape Town’s Nudist Beach

  1. Interesting. Thought nudist beaches within near city limits were only in Europe and some places in Japan. “only naked people (mostly men!)” part is totally hilarious!

  2. ben

    It’s a pity that you did not visit the beach when the Western Cape Nudist association had a day outing there. Then you would see mostly couples.

    Thanks for the very nice pictures of the area.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! There are a few nudist beaches also here on the French Riviera.

    • You are welcome and thanks for coming back….Ah, ive been to public beaches in French Riviera and even if it is not an official nudist beaches, you will find a number of nude people sunbathing by the beach….was shock to see it at first but got used to it eventually 🙂

  4. Don’t need people images. The shapes of rocks and hills suffice! Beautiful.

  5. Wreck Beach in Vancouver, Canada is a legendary nude beach within a city, in fact right next to the University! I loved the photos and really hope to visit Cape Town one day. Thanks!

    • really?! now that is more interesting to see then 🙂 Vancouver has always been top of my list of places to visit and hopefully i will be able to do so soon….thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. I dropped by Wreck Beach in Vancouver a few weeks ago but I think it was a wee bit cool for any clothing optional people to be around!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! Much appreciated!

    • I hope to see Vancouver one day too….thanks for visiting my blog too….

    • Too bad it’s quite the lively place in the summer, with music, performers, “refreshment” vendors, etc. But it is naturally beautiful all year round, the only beach in Vancouver which faces out into the ocean with no view of the city. Glad you could make it to Vancouver and hope you had a lovely time. And good for you making it to Wreck as it is off the beaten path and the best beach around as far as many are concerned. Cheers!

  7. AaaaH Sandy Bay!! Brings back suggestions of memories… but don’t tell the children and grandkids… 😉

  8. Serenity

    Thanks for stopping by Serenity’s Musings. I hope you enjoyed your visit. I have a photography blog, The Serene View. I invite you to stop by. Thanks!

  9. wow how comfortable.but for me wearing arena swimwear is enough

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