On travelling alone…

Eze France

Travel Quote of the Week: It is better to travel alone than with a bad companion. – African Proverb

Photo I took at a Cathedral on top of  Èze, a medieval village perched like an eagles nest on a rocky spur overlooking the Mediterranean sea located at the Alpes-Maritimes in southeastern France.
Although i often travel on my own, I still want to find a travel buddy as having a companion leads to a more meaningful experience. As the saying goes, “Life is better shared than experiencing the best moments of your life alone.”
However, in my experience, it is very difficult to find a travel companion who shares the same interests, have the same idea of ‘having fun’, have a sense of humour and a flexible coping mechanism.
Sometimes travelling with a close friend, a partner and or a family member, you expect that it will all be ‘perfect fun’.  Depending on the compatibility and the level of flexibility and sensitivity between travellers, a perfect trip may end up a disastrous trip.
Travelling is supposed to be enjoying the moment not bringing additional baggage from the past and or discussing issues or opening an old wound that may trigger a conflict or animosity between travel companions.  It should bring travel companions much closer together.
But when drama and negative emotions are mixed into a supposedly fun trip, than it becomes complicated.  Therefore, I would rather end up travelling alone than being with a bad companion.  Still, I am not losing hope in eventually finding a perfect travel buddy in the future.
How about you? Have you had experience travelling with a bad companion?

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10 thoughts on “On travelling alone…

  1. I completely agree, travelling alone can trump travelling with incompatible companions. My mom and I, for example, can never travel easily together, as there are always fights of some sort. Most of my travels, however, have been alone. This is due to the nature of my trips, as well as my lack of a friend with the same tastes and availability at the times when I could afford trips. In a couple weeks I’ll be visiting Prague for the first time, and while I’m quite sad to be going without friends, I know that I’ve learned how to visit a city alone. I’ll take lots of pictures, blog a bit, and look forward to coming back someday with a travel buddy.
    Great picture and enjoy southern France!

    • Thanks for sharing…i can absolutely relate especially travelling with your mom :). Have fun in Prague…who knows you might meet your travel buddy there 🙂

  2. I usually always am the flexible one… But I have friends who went on a road trip with my ex, and it didn’t go well… 🙂

    • yah i also went on a trip with two male friends and it was the best funny memorable trip ive had
      but then i went on another trip with one of them and it didnt turn out the same way…i guess
      we just didnt click just the two of us…

  3. Hoi, Ich glaube Du bist eine Reisefrau. I think you ar a travelling women like me. I am a travelling men.
    Ich sah dich zufällig hier. Bin ein grosser Griechenland Fan. I am a big Greeke Fan. Ich grüsse dich. Ernst

  4. Oh my … one of my favorite stories is what we like to call “4 women / one bathroom” (and also one bedroom). I slept on an air mattress under the dining room table. This time it wasn’t so much the travel as it was leaving the planning to one of those 4! 🙂

  5. rqpanda

    I’ve had the odd experience of back-to-back trips with different traveling companions, and the one I got along with the best was actually the person who I knew the least! She and I had complete opposite personalities and interests, but we both were willing to be pulled into new experiences – and it turned into a great trip (with lots of interesting stories. . )

    • thanks for sharing…i can relate to what you have written…sometimes it is more fun to travel with a total stranger than with friends because u tend to still have some kind of respect for each other…like being sensitive not to overstep one’s boundaries. Also the getting to know stage is also what makes travelling more exciting!

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