An Early Morning Surprise

I was having coffee in the garden one morning when I saw a unique little creature crawling along an orchid’s stem.
worm 19

I went closer.  I was not sure what it was…a caterpillar perhaps?


It has slimy-ish light orange colored skin.


Its head looks like a creature from an alien movie.


Its tail looks like the face of a baby pig!..or a fish perhaps?


I have never seen anything like this before!

Here are some of the macro shots i took that morning….







worm 8

worm 7



worm 5

worm 4




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11 thoughts on “An Early Morning Surprise

  1. Wow…fantastic photo post!

  2. Hi Susan, The biology nerd kicked in and I am doing some investigative work; let’s see if I find a reasonable-sounding species for this critter!

  3. Susan, I enjoyed looking at your photographs. I want to thank you for “Liking” my blog post on writetouchgirl about playing basketball at my school. I have forwarded your blog address to a colleague who take close ups of insects. I think she’ll really like it.–Emily

  4. I had some help from my fellow biologists/taxonomists, so I can’t take ALL of the credit.

    The caterpillar and moth both look pretty nifty. If you happen to see this little guy go through metamorphosis, I want photos. 🙂

    • i was sad when i came out to the garden again and it was gone. i was just away for a few minutes. had i known that it will transform to a beautiful moth i could have kept him safe and documented the process of metamorphosis…but dont worry i will be on the look out for other little creatures…thank your friend from me…:)

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