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Gasm Travels Turns 1 Year Old

I received just now a message from WordPress.  It says:


Wow, it never crossed my mind that it has been a year already since I started blogging.  I’ve been too busy and preoccupied lately that I have not had the chance to update my blog.  Thanks to wordpress for reminding me of my obligation to my followers and readers.

Gasm Travels turns 1 with 787 followers and 11,938 hits….still a long way to go but for a neophyte blogger, I am happy with the result.  I like to thank all my loyal followers and readers who have stayed with me despite my long absence in the blogging community.  I wont promise but I will try my best to post more stories and photos in the coming year.

Cheers to all!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

This week’s photo challenge is in celebration with the Halloween.  The challenge is to feature an image that is eerie making the viewer wonders what lurks in the shadows.  As I have not encountered any ‘ghostly’ images nor have I been into a haunted house, I decided to showcase photos that I did during a photography workshop.  In one of our sessions on creative photography, we were asked to use different kinds of effects apart from what is integrated in the camera.  One such kind of effects was  the use of a projector. To create an artistic visual, we used different art works and project it on the wall then superimposing these layers of clip arts over a subject.

Our first subject was a fellow photographer kneeling down and taking a photo beside a tree surrounded with candles.  The tree and candles were images projected on the wall.  At first, we were asked to use a tripod but after taking some shots, I find that my composition is a bit flat — plain and somehow boring to look at.  So I integrated one of the photography tricks, called camera movement, where you move your camera while taking a shot.   It created a ghostly shadow adding more depth to the image showing something eerie story to tell.


I did the same trick on our next subject.  It created a more eerie effect than the first one.

DSCF8651 DSCF8653

I was very happy with the outcome that when we tackled the next topic which is camera movement. It was easy for me now to create various tricks.  One evening, in one of our field exercise, I saw one of my classmates sitting down by the garden while his group mates were standing beside him planning how to execute their next assignment.  I took a photo of them using the camera movement trick.  And the outcome? — eerie images….. that if one will see it without being told of a camera trick, he/she might think that a ghostly shadow lurks behind the subjects. It can also show images of people being in a trance state.  Do you see what I mean? Do you have any other interpretation of these images?




Click the link for more of Weekly Photo Challenge.






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