Gasm Travels Turns 1 Year Old

I received just now a message from WordPress.  It says:


Wow, it never crossed my mind that it has been a year already since I started blogging.  I’ve been too busy and preoccupied lately that I have not had the chance to update my blog.  Thanks to wordpress for reminding me of my obligation to my followers and readers.

Gasm Travels turns 1 with 787 followers and 11,938 hits….still a long way to go but for a neophyte blogger, I am happy with the result.  I like to thank all my loyal followers and readers who have stayed with me despite my long absence in the blogging community.  I wont promise but I will try my best to post more stories and photos in the coming year.

Cheers to all!

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12 thoughts on “Gasm Travels Turns 1 Year Old

  1. Scary how quickly it flies by! Not bad figures at all for one year. Keep the great posts coming.

  2. Happy Bloggin’ Birthday…

  3. YAY for One Year!!! I continue to be amazed by the friends and “blogging family” that wordpress has given me, and I’m sure you as well. I posted recently that I started blogging for one reason, and remain with it for so many reasons.
    I’ve enjoyed your posts! Keep on … 🙂

  4. Congrats! I’m far from having so many followers on wordpress, after, what, 7 years of blogging? 😀

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