Weekly Photo Challenge: One

This week’s photo challenge is about establishing a focal point such as photos that focus on one thing.  Here is my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: One.

I took this photo at a botanical garden in Christchurch, New Zealand with my friend, RC, who was touring me around her new hometown.  I was so fascinated with this ornamental plant with strange white petals and little yellow buds in the middle.  I wanted to make it stand out without using the DOF effect or blurring the background.  So I asked RC to hold one flower.  This is another way of drawing the eye of a viewer to your point of interest or focal point that you want to highlight.  What do you think? Did it work out well?

New Zealand flower

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15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: One

  1. Beautiful!

  2. The flower is exquisite, Susan. I now understand how cool white is–better.


  3. Love the idea and the composition. Excellent work!

  4. That is quite the flower, all right. In fact, it would have fit right in with last week’s challenge: Community. 🙂 To me, the subject is sufficient to draw the eye because it is so unusual that it wouldn’t have needed anything to draw attention to it. I like the background the way it is. I think “proper” DOF would have taken away from wonder of it all—I mean, I had to look more than hard to determine it was just one flower. Do you know what the name of the flower is? I’m guessing it’s tropical in nature.
    Come visit my One (Remember)

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  7. That’s a hydrangea, and when it’s fully open all the little buds in the middle will look like the outer petals. They are one of my favorite flowers. It’s too cold for them where I live, so when I travel and find them I take way too many photos of them. They are lovely!

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  9. Yes! This worked beautifully! Even the hand with blue sleeve seems to fit and not detract. Excellent! Merry Christmas, Susan!

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