Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

Orange, is a stimulating vibrant blend of red and yellow which is often associated with change like the autumn leaves showing a change in season.  It is often used as a transitional color such as the color of sunrise which meant another day or sunset representing the coming darkness or a change in time.   Depending on the contrast of shades and tints, the hues of orange may mean different things from domination to passion, aggression to soothing, deceit to friendly among others. 

Despite the fact that orange is often recognized as a happy, flamboyant color, I prefer the combination of orange and black.  The contrast between these two colors as shown in my photos below represents the hue of me.    Orange portray the kind of life I have….always moving about….embracing change even if its unsettling or daunting at times (as represented by the shades of black), I still continue to shine and rise up to the challenge of another day. 

As what the famous Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, said, ” Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.  It is far better to take things as they come along with patience and equanimity.”

All photos taken in Botswana.

All photos taken in Botswana.

All photos taken in Southern African countries: Walvis Bay, Namibia (Upper Left Photo); Maun, Botswana (Upper Right Photo); Zambezi River, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe (Lower Left Photo); Sowa Pan, Botswana (Lower Right Photo)

All photos taken in Southern African countries: Walvis Bay, Namibia (Upper Left Photo); Maun, Botswana (Upper Right Photo); Zambezi River, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe (Lower Left Photo); Sowa Pan, Botswana (Lower Right Photo)

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On Understanding the Purpose of Life


As I depart tomorrow for a humanitarian mission in a high risk country, I am leaving you this quote from Eleanor Roosevelt.  Her words have inspired and motivated me to take on yet another journey to an unknown dangerous place

…a new beginning…another life changing journey.

Photo taken with People Living with HIV and AIDS in Southern Kalahari District, Botswana.

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Gasm Travels’ Fifth Blogger Award Nomination


I took this photo during our HIV AIDS awareness training given to local coaches and youths in Botswana. Dubbed as the Coaching for Hope, said training integrates football as a tool in disseminating HIV messages. Aside from improving their football skills, local coaches learn also how to deliver HIV awareness and life skills sessions to young people in their communities.



very-inspiring-blogger-awardI would like to thank Joan Frankham for nominating me for    The Very Inspiring  Blogger Award last April 25, 2013.  In her blog, Retirement and Beyond, she narrates how she is spending her free time after retiring last year:  travelling to new places, taking a new hobby like photography, her passion for hill walking and golfing and many more.  Joan and I both love Zimbabwe and South Africa and this is one of the reasons I like visiting her blog.   Check out her adventures, from Africa to Europe – Retirement and Beyond

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

One afternoon in Gaborone, I went out with a Serbian friend for a photoshoot trip.  Our first stop was the Gaborone Game Reserve.  We were hoping to find the rhinos.  It was the only ‘big five must see animals’ in Africa that I have not seen yet.  We were told the rhinos often are seen roaming around near the restaurant during winter, so off we went with our camera gears.  When we arrived, we were told that there was no sighting of rhinos around the vicinity since the winter season started.  We were dismayed.  So I went around to explore and take photos of flowers and fishes swimming at a nearby creek. Then I heard movements above me.  I looked up. To my surprise, there were hundreds of yellow birds building nests at the same time at a century old tree.  I called my friend and off we went to our photographic mode, both of us lost in one of nature’s best and most magnificent sights!

My entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Up …. I present to you the African weaver birds at work!

bird 1


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A Cheetah in the Kalahari Desert


On the way to the northern part of Botswana, my colleague and I passed by Tautona, a private game reserve near Ghanzi to see the wild lions and cheetahs roaming around the 10,000 hectare of game farm.  I was lucky to get close with this Cheetah who was playing with two others.  I taught that they roar like the lions. I was surprised to hear them meow like cats!
Tautona game reserve also has a lodge for visitors who want to stay overnight.  It is situated 700km from Gaborone and 5km from the center of Ghanzi.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

Donkey 2

Taken by Surprise by a Donkey’s Erection

The first time i saw a donkey with an erection was in Tsabong, Kgalagadi District, Botswana . We were

driving on the main highway when i saw this donkey in the middle of the road with a huge penis. I wasnt

sure what it was at that time. And when we got closer, i shrieked out. My colleague stopped the car

abruptly and we almost skidded down the road. He asked me what was wrong. I said, did u see that?

Is it what i think it was? (enphasizing the size of a penis using both hands) And he said, “You almost

got us killed because of that?” I replied, “but that was huge man…first time to see a donkey’s penis!”

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A Standing Dead Tree

Old Trees Botswana

Aside from wildlife, Botswana offers a variety of old mature trees often having dead branches and

twigs.  These old dead trees dominate the desert plains and are an ideal nesting places for birds.

The bare branches are often shaped in different unique figures which  make it a good subject for

photographers. So when you are heading for a safari adventure in Botswana, don’t just focus on

wildlife…look out for these dead trees for you will see something worth clicking.

What do you see in this picture?

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African Sunset

African Sunset

I took this photo on my way back to Botswana from Namibia.  It was a fascinating 10 hour cross-country

driving with stunning scenery and rugged beauty of the Kalahari Desert.

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Cruising along Okavango Delta

Cruising along Okavango Delta

This was taken during our boat cruise along Okavango Delta in Shakawe, Botswana, the world’s largest

inland delta covering about 15000 km of swamp and papyrus plants.  Home to a variety of wild animals

and birds, the Okavango Delta is perhaps Africa’s ultimate safari wilderness destination in the world.

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