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Modern Buddhist Heritage of Sri Lanka’s South



The Weherahena Temple situated close to Matara town in the southern part of Sri Lanka, is famous for its iconic 39 meters high Buddha Statue which sits in the samadhi or squatting position in front of the temple.  A 600-foot tunnel is decorated all over with paintings and murals that describe the life of Buddha.  The temple is a multi-story building with lots of Buddhist statues created in the modern era.  The ancient nature of the place gives a calming and peaceful setting and an amazing view from the top.  The short ride from Galle to the Weherahena Temple passes through a picturesque road to Matara where one can enjoy a long stretch of beach flanked by swaying coconut trees along the way.  

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Sri Lanka: A Haven for Beach Lovers


Galle, a major historical city located near the southern end of Sri Lanka, offers a variety of nature sceneries.  One of its major attractions is its beaches with leaning coconut palm trees lining the coast.  What makes it different from other beach holiday destinations is that south east coast beaches are far less touristy and the further east you travel it becomes more remote. It is not surprising if you find yourself alone on one of the best stretches of beach in Sri Lanka.

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