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Eze France

Travel Quote of the Week: It is better to travel alone than with a bad companion. – African Proverb

Photo I took at a Cathedral on top of  Èze, a medieval village perched like an eagles nest on a rocky spur overlooking the Mediterranean sea located at the Alpes-Maritimes in southeastern France.
Although i often travel on my own, I still want to find a travel buddy as having a companion leads to a more meaningful experience. As the saying goes, “Life is better shared than experiencing the best moments of your life alone.”
However, in my experience, it is very difficult to find a travel companion who shares the same interests, have the same idea of ‘having fun’, have a sense of humour and a flexible coping mechanism.
Sometimes travelling with a close friend, a partner and or a family member, you expect that it will all be ‘perfect fun’.  Depending on the compatibility and the level of flexibility and sensitivity between travellers, a perfect trip may end up a disastrous trip.
Travelling is supposed to be enjoying the moment not bringing additional baggage from the past and or discussing issues or opening an old wound that may trigger a conflict or animosity between travel companions.  It should bring travel companions much closer together.
But when drama and negative emotions are mixed into a supposedly fun trip, than it becomes complicated.  Therefore, I would rather end up travelling alone than being with a bad companion.  Still, I am not losing hope in eventually finding a perfect travel buddy in the future.
How about you? Have you had experience travelling with a bad companion?

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Eiffel Tower Series – Part 2: Framing and Foreground

In my March 3, 2013 post, Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in Details, I have presented to you Part 1 of the 3-part series on how to take a photo of the Eiffel Tower the unconventional way.   In that particular post, I showed different images of Eiffel focusing on the intricate architectural details using close-ups or detailed shots.

Part 2 focuses on how to get foregrounds right in photography.  I am not talking about the technical aspect such as Depth of Field or changing the settings of the camera’s aperture.  That is for advanced photographers to find out.  I want to focus on creative composition and the framing aspect of taking images, as my intended target audience for this series is mainly the ‘tourist’ photographers, those who are not actually photography enthusiasts but love to take photos during their travels for photo souvenirs or for facebooking! As one photographer said, being creative does not require highly technical skills and knowledge; it just means looking at the world a bit differently.

Therefore, this post will show you different ways to compose a photo of the Eiffel Tower using the right foreground to add depth to your shot.  Keep in mind that your composition tells the story that you want to project out of your photo, whether you use the DOF technique or keep the entire image sharp it does not matter….(as long as you know and understand what messages you want to convey and how it can be accomplished!)

As I mentioned in Part 1, the challenge is in finding the right angle or composition and taking the right shot in order to have your own unique photos of France’s global cultural icon.

So let us get started!

Part 2 of Eiffel Tower Series —  Framing and Foreground

Most of us are fond of taking long shot or landscape shots like this with all the elements including the foreground sharp and clear.

Eiffel 1

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

I wanted to do a series on how to shoot Eiffel Tower the unconventional way…something that defies the standard clichés in taking a photo of famous landmarks — > that is avoiding the typical landscape shots!

Incidentally, the photo challenge for this week is about getting lost in the details which is exactly what happened to me when I first saw the Eiffel Tower – I was overwhelmed by the intricate architectural details of the tower that I ended up taking close-ups or detailed shots.

So here is the first part of the Eiffel Tower series: GETTING LOST IN THE DETAILS.

Eiffel Tower is usually shot in a typical landscape format like this:

eiffel 1

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Sunset View of River Seine, Paris

river siene paris

One of my favorite things to do in Paris is watch the sunset on one of the bridges at River Seine.  River Seine is a major commercial river in Paris where you can see all corners of the city. There are loads of river cruises for tourists where one can have a unique view of the city of lights. However, I’d recommend for you to have a stroll along the riverbank, stand on a bridge as ships go under, have a picnic while enjoying a unique sunset in the middle of the fascinating river and see the city at night for a romantic evening.

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Majestic Eiffel: Standing Tall and Proud


A landscape night photography of the Eiffel Tower in Paris…….



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An Enchanting View at the Sacré-Cœur

Sacred Heart Paris

I was taking a photo of the Basilica’s facade in a low angle shot when an Asian woman wearing a mini skirt bent over to get her camera inside her bag.  I got distracted, hence, my foreground changed.  The expression of her friend looking annoyed added value to the story that the image is projecting.  This photo was taken at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Montmartre, one of Paris’s major tourist draws.   Known as Sacré-Cœur Basilica by the locals, its distinctive dome white Romanesque-Byzantine structure overlooks Montmartre, one of Paris’s most picturesque districts. The church is perched at the very top of the Butte de Montmarte where you can get an exquisite view of the city.

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A Fairytale Wedding Pictorial at the Louvre

I was taking a photo in front of the entrance of the Louvre Museum when I saw this newly wed couple having their wedding pictorial at the right wing of the Louvre Palace.  I couldn’t resist taking a photo.  As one of the best romantic cities in the world for couples, wedding/pre-wedding photography is a common sight in Paris.  From Eiffel Tower to River Seine, you will often see a wedding pictorial where brides in their long white gown  bravely walk in the street crowded with tourists. And one of the popular places for those who come to get married in France is the Louvre Palace.  The Louvre Palace has been extended many times since it was built as a fortress in the late 12th century.  Today, it houses the Musée du Louvre, one of the world’s largest, most visited historical museum in the world containing the most important art collections in the history of mankind. The palace compound also includes the surrounding gardens of the Jardin des Tuileries, one of the most famous gardens in Paris because of its central location.

What is your dream wedding destination?

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Bird’s Eye View of Paris

Paris Bird's Eye View

This bird’s eye view of Paris was taken on top of the Arc de Triomphe, the most iconic of all French

monuments standing at the center of Place de l’Etoile.  The Arc de Triomphe is a triumphal arch

commissioned by Napoloeon in 1806.  It offers the best view of the Historical Axis of 12 grand

avenues including the fabulous Champs Élysées.  There is a minimal entrance fee to get on top

of the arc but if you want to get a majestic view of the city, it’s worth your money.

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Eiffel as seen at the Palais de Chaillot

Eiffel Tower


If you want to have a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower, go to the Place du Trocadero, the site of the

Palais de Chaillot.  The palace is not only famous for its spectacular view of the tower but also

of its surrounding gardens decorated with small streams, fountains, bridges and walkways lined

with old century trees.  Built in 1937, the Palais de Chaillot is also named the Trocadero as a

reminder of the French victory in Spain.

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It’s so nice in NICE!

It's so nice in NICE!

Nice beaches in French Riviera are pebbly and often slope down to the sea at a steep angle which makes

it dangerous to non-swimmers. To cope with the pebbles, put on your shoes as you dip into the water

or look for a section of the seafront where the beaches are less steep. Otherwise, just be contented in

walking by the beach along the city’s famous Promenade des Anglais which stretches as far as your

eye can see.

What is the most picturesque pebble beach you have been to?

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