The Leaning People of Pisa


When i arrived at the Tuscan town of Pisa in Italy, I immediately looked for its

world famous landmark, the Tower of Pisa.  With a local guide map, i walked

from the train station to the tower.  From afar, i saw a glimpse of the tower already.

I excitedly pushed myself out of the crowd of tourists all heading to the same

direction.  When i reached the gate of the church, I was so amazed to see the tower for

real.  But then, as i entered the gate, my attention suddenly switched to the crowd of

tourists standing around with their hands in the air.  It was weird at first and made me

wonder what the heck was going on.  Then i saw countless of people too with cameras on

their knees taking photos of these people posing like they are leaning on the tower. Aha!

Now that made sense.  It was very interesting seeing these tourists doing stupid things,

posing like they are pushing, leaning, holding or carrying the tower like incredible Hulk.

I cant stop clicking my camera!….looking back i realized i took more photos of

people taking forced perspective photos than the remarkable architectural design

of the Leaning Tower of Pisa  :(.

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