The Gondola Man


A gondola driver is called a ‘gondolier’.  In Venice, gondoliers typically wear a uniform outfit of black trousers, a striped shirt and a hat with a red sash.  They row standing up using a long oar.  Today, gondoliers work more for tourists than for Venetians as gondolas are no longer used as public local transportation.

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Venice: The City of Canals

venice canals


Venice, the capital region of Veneto, is one of the most popular destination holidays in Italy. An engineering wonder, the city stretches across numerous islands connected by bridges in a shallow lagoon and surrounded by canals and waterways.  Nowadays, old historical buildings along the canal shores have been restored and remodeled providing stunning colorful architecture with countless natural and artistic attractions, bustling cafes and an array of galleries, museums and churches.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond


This week’s theme for the Daily WordPress Photo Challenge focuses on looking beyond the subject leading us through the hidden depths of the background.  My entry is my photo of the Venetian gondola’s stern and bow iron taken on top of a small bridge in one of the canals of Venice.  I was trying to capture a detailed shot of the gondola in different angles when I noticed the reflection on the water of the buildings located at both sides of the canal.  The photo composition, hopefully, makes the viewer look beyond the subject.

A gondola is a traditional, flat-bottomed 11 meters long Venetian rowing boat made of wood.  Many are ornately decorated and painted in black following a decree to stop nobles in the 16th century from competing each other with flamboyant colors and decorations.  Today, it is the most elegant means of transport in Venice and the most famous Venetian vessel in the world.

What do you think of the photo? Does it make you look beyond the gondola?

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Venice: The City of Love


Venice is known for its art, architecture and culture but most of all as one of Europe’s most romantic cities.



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