Clogs: The Dutch Wooden Shoes

Dutch Slippers

The wooden shoes or clogs are an important part of Dutch heritage.  Today, it is one of the must buys for tourists.  Traditionally handmade by skilled artisans, you can find a pair in almost every souvenir shops in Amsterdam.  It is available in different designs and colors.  While you won’t find many locals walking around in them, you will see these clogs in every shops sold not as shoes but as souvenir items like figurines, refrigerator magnets, wall decor, ashtrays among others.   However, if you want a picture of someone wearing clogs, you need to travel to the countryside and search for farmers and rural workers. They are the only group of people that still wear clogs these days. Clogs, an epitome of the Dutch culture… a symbol of Netherlands….another souvenir worth keeping.

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Biking in Amsterdam

Biking in Amsterdam


The best way to get around Amsterdam is by bike.  A centre of bicycle culture, Amsterdam is considered

as one of the most bicycle-frendly cities in the world.

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Amsterdam Flowers

Amsterdam Flowers


Amsterdam (Netherlands) is known for its flowers especially tulips. It was here where I first saw

huge pink daisy flowers in person.  So while you are in Amsterdam, stroll along Bloemenmarkt, the

world’s only floating flower market where you can find different variety of fresh flowers. Bloemenmarkt

is located along Singel Canal and is an easy walk from the city centre.


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