Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

“Life is like a dark tunnel. You may not always see the light at the end of the tunnel, but if you keep moving, you will get to a better place.”  – unknown

tunnel 1

This week’s Photo Challenge has something to do with an image that says FORWARD either showing a physical move or evoking a major life change.  I have chosen these images of the Munt la Schera Tunnel, a single lane road tunnel connecting Switzerland with Lago di Livigno in Italy.  While speeding through the tunnel, I noticed the effects of lights creating illuminated light trails.  I immediately took several shots of the moving light trails, experimenting with different timings and seeing what effects it has. I quite like the outcome.

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The Swiss Red Train

Swiss Train


Of the several scenic mountain rail trips Switzerland offers, the Glacier Express is considered as the most

breathtaking .  It runs from Zermitt to St. Moritz passing through alpine mountains and small villages

winding its way to different tunnels and bridges.

This picturesque railway bridge is beautifully visible from the highway located close to Guarda, a pretty

town in the lower Engandine.  If you are traveling by road from Scuol to St. Moritz, you will definitely

pass by this highway.  You can park just below the bridge and walk back to take a photo of this famous

Swiss landmark.  Dont forget to wait for the red train to complete your picture perfect composition.




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An Alpine Glacier


This railroad is located at the foot of the Morteratschgletscher, a glacier in the Bernina Alps in

Switzerland.  If you are going to Italy from Switzerland through Passo del Bernina, make sure you

stop at a lookout area just beside the main highway in Upper Engadin to see a superb view of the

glacier. This glacier has a length of about 7 km and is a typical example of a large valley glacier that

is losing a huge percentage of ice volume due to the climatic warming.

Aside from the glacier, Engadin is famous for its sunny climate and beautiful landscapes of the

Bernina Range where the highest peaks of Eastern Alps are located.  It is also a good place for outdoor

activities such as hiking and cycling.





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Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

Delicate Swan



I love white swan especially when it flaunt its feathers exuding beauty and grace with each

movement delicately choreographed.  I took this photo in the River Reuss in Luzern (Lucerne),

Switzerland.  There were so many swans and ducks swimming  in the river.  But it was this delicate

beauty that caught my attention.  I was so intrigued by how it twisted its neck to pluck its feather

while gently moving along with the river flows.  It totally made my day!

River Reuss is where you will find the famous mediaval wooden bridge, one of the oldest bridge

of Luzern.  Famous among artists, the bridge features a series of medieval-style 17th

Century paintings called “The Black Death” by Gaspar Meglinger.  It also has a small chapel in

the middle dedicated to the Virgin Mary.  The bridge also offers different views of the city of

Luzern.  If you want to see the delicate beauty of white swans, have a walk on this bridge or

stroll along the walkways of River Reuss!

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Slacklining in Geneva

Slacklining in Geneva

I was having a lovely walk along the promenade along Geneve Plage (a man-made stony beach intruding into

Lake Geneva in Switzerland) when i saw a bunch of teenagers slacklining over water.


Slacklining is becoming a famous adventure sports in Europe. It typically uses a stretching and bouncing

nylon rope tied between two anchor points to keep the slackers from rolling over.



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