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Travel Quote of the Week:  “I get to travel with me. I need somebody to bring me back to who I am. It’s hard to be alone.” – Leonardo DiCaprio.

A photo i took on Christmas Day at a countryside ranch in Surrey, UK.

I seldom travel with friends.  Why? I like the flexibility of having my own time exploring new places and doing things I like. I can change plans at the last minute without consideration of what others feel or think about what I want to do.   Also, when I travel alone, my journey turns into a self-discovery one where I get to know more about myself and learn to deal with challenges on my own. In short,  I only have myself to deal with…. NO drama, NO conflicts and NO complications!

However, travelling alone has its own disadvantages too.  It can get lonely and boring.  Some activities are more fun to do with close friends than doing it alone.  These include exploring the local nightlife, drinking in pubs, doing extreme adventure and outdoor activities and food tripping.  Moreover, you get to have loads of good pictures of yourself (you have your friends to take your photo!).

On the other hand, you can always meet and mingle with new friends if you prefer to travel alone.

So whether you travel alone or with friends, make sure to enjoy every moment of your holiday trip because at the end of the day, what matters most is how to make the most of your travels to create beautiful and unforgettable memories to bring back home.

How about you? What do you prefer — to travel alone or with friends?

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Snow Storm in Wimbledon

Blizzard in Wimbledon

Unexpectedly, a snow storm hit Wimbledon in UK while i was wandering around the village.  The weather

was okay when i arrived.  But after 2 hours of walking around the area, it changed drastically from

a flurry of snowfalls to cold windy snow storm…in just a matter of about 15 minutes the whole area

was covered in snow turning it to a ghost town.  I was ecstatic since it was my first snow adventure.

Traffic was horrible on the way home, but i did not mind at all…I was just busy taking photos of every

corner we passedby.  This photo was one of the best shots I had of Wimbledon Park that day.

Wimbledon Village is known for its lawn tennis championship games but more than that, it has a great

atmosphere for relaxation and chilling out away from the hectic pace of Central London.




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Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

Changing Season Collage



Coming from a tropical country, ive always dreamt of seeing snow and experience walking on it.

During my Christmas holiday in the United Kingdom, I was lucky to have seen not just a flurry of

snowfalls but also experienced walking on the street during a blizzard, getting stuck in the traffic

during a snow storm, played with snowballs, rolled over like a kid in the snow and most of all hiked

on a snow covered mountain in Surrey.

But what really amazed me most is how quickly snow changes  not just the environment and its

surroundings but also its form.  When snow falls on the ground, it is fluffy, light and powdery.

Depending on the amount of the snow falls, it covers the whole area turning it into a white magical

place in just a short span of time.   During the cycle of melting and refreezing, ice turns heavier and

granular and eventually into a dense mass.   The melting from snow/ice occurs in high temperature

during daytime allowing the meltwater to percolate at the base of snowpack.

But how does snow ice form if the ground temperature is above freezing?

My curiousity got through me and i decided to find some answers through my camera lens.  This

series of macrophotography of melting snow ice was taken on a sunny day while hiking in Box Hill,

a beautiful area situated in Surrey, South East of London with a breathtaking views across the

surrounding countryside.

Have a look at these photos and find out what the ice figures or shapes remind you of…….

# 1

Ice 1


ice 2


Ice 3


Ice 4


ice 5


Ice 6


ice 7


ice 8


ice 9


ice 10


ice 11


ice 12


ice 13


ice 14


ice 15


ice 16


ice 17


ice 18

Which snow ice photo did you like the most?


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