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Gasm Travels Turns 1 Year Old

I received just now a message from WordPress.  It says:


Wow, it never crossed my mind that it has been a year already since I started blogging.  I’ve been too busy and preoccupied lately that I have not had the chance to update my blog.  Thanks to wordpress for reminding me of my obligation to my followers and readers.

Gasm Travels turns 1 with 787 followers and 11,938 hits….still a long way to go but for a neophyte blogger, I am happy with the result.  I like to thank all my loyal followers and readers who have stayed with me despite my long absence in the blogging community.  I wont promise but I will try my best to post more stories and photos in the coming year.

Cheers to all!

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Gasm Travels’ Fifth Blogger Award Nomination


I took this photo during our HIV AIDS awareness training given to local coaches and youths in Botswana. Dubbed as the Coaching for Hope, said training integrates football as a tool in disseminating HIV messages. Aside from improving their football skills, local coaches learn also how to deliver HIV awareness and life skills sessions to young people in their communities.



very-inspiring-blogger-awardI would like to thank Joan Frankham for nominating me for    The Very Inspiring  Blogger Award last April 25, 2013.  In her blog, Retirement and Beyond, she narrates how she is spending her free time after retiring last year:  travelling to new places, taking a new hobby like photography, her passion for hill walking and golfing and many more.  Joan and I both love Zimbabwe and South Africa and this is one of the reasons I like visiting her blog.   Check out her adventures, from Africa to Europe – Retirement and Beyond

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Gasm Travels’ Fourth Blogger Award Nomination

vietnam zoo

Photo taken at a city zoo at the heart of Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam.


versatileLast April 9, 2013, one of my active followers, Kavita Joshi has nominated Gasm Travels for the Versatile Blogger Award, another blogger meme given by fellow bloggers to other bloggers deserving of the award.  Kavita Joshi’s blog Talking Experience, is about her journey of life, sharing her experience and thoughts to her readers. Her blog also contains photos of her adventures and collections of life’s images with very entertaining narratives.  Kavita has been a consistent follower of Gasm Travels, often actively commenting on several posts.  I would like to thank her for the recognition as well as for her support to this blog.

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Gasm Travels’ Third Blogger Award Nomination



Another long overdue post…my apology to Ajay Tao for the delay in responding to his nomination.

Last March 9, 2013, Gasm Travels received its 3rd Nomination for another blogger award, the prestigious Hope Unites Globally Hug Award.

hug-award1The HUG Award© was initiated by Connie Wayne at A Hope for Today at, which promotes hope, love, peace, equality, and unity for all people. The HUG Award© is for people with an expectant desire for the world, for which they: Hope for Love; Hope for Freedom; Hope for Peace; Hope for Equality; Hope for Unity; Hope for Joy and Happiness; Hope for Compassion and Mercy; Hope for Faith; Hope for Wholeness and Wellness; Hope for Prosperity; Hope for Ecological Preservation; Hope for Oneness. “People do not have to give up or compromise their own religious, spiritual, or political beliefs to qualify for the Hope Unites Globally HUG Award©. They qualify for the HUG Award© when, without bias or prejudice, they use their resources and gifts to make the world a better place for everyone.” For more information on this award, please visit:

I did not expect to receive a nomination for this award because I never thought that my photo travel blog could inspire and give hope to my readers.  However, being nominated by Ajay Tao, has certainly made me think differently. Ajay Tao is a fellow blogger who have decided to open up and share his thoughts and feelings through his blog after being inflicted by cancer.  His blog, Ajaytao 2010: My Personal Opening to the World, contains everything he was passionate about.

In his blog he wrote, ‘Photography is a hobby, writing is a hobby, graphic designing a hobby, compilation and reading a hobby, so the point is, I don’t want to take any credit as to what I do, or to what I have posted on this blog.  I just want to share everything possible with you all.’

Ajay Tao confirms this statement when he replied to my acceptance to his nomination, ‘You are a great photographer and you deserve this award more than me.’ I was deeply touched by his humility…he being a more advanced photographer than I am! (Check out his photos on flicker.)

Ajay Tao, I am deeply grateful to you for nominating me for this award. Moreover, I am happy that my blog inspires you and gives you a glimpse of hope in your most difficult time of your life.  My acceptance to this award comes with a great responsibility knowing now that I have been an inspiration to my readers and followers.  Indeed, in every difficulty, hope always lingers.

For more of Ajay Tao, please click here.

And just like the rest of the bloggers’ award, I need to nominate other bloggers who qualify for the award’s criteria.

I am nominating 2 of my followers who I believe have also given their readers a glimpse of hope to live life to its fullest:

Tara (  an inspirational blogger who specializes in mindfulness, meditation, wellness, reiki and yoga.

Rockin Autism Mom ( a resource blog on Autism created by a mother whose son happens to have autism.


Photo taken while having a stroll at the harbour in Barcelona, Spain.

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As Featured in JunsJazz Digital Magazine…



This is a long overdue post, my apology, I have been traveling for the past few days.

Last February, I was featured as one of the women photographers of a digital photography magazine. A fellow blogger, JJ, has created an interactive digital magazine to showcase his images and provide an online portal for learning photography.  I am honored to be chosen by JJ to be his guest photographer for his February issue.

Please click the image below to read in full the digital magazine.


You may also visit his blog, JunsJazz Images and Inspiration for more interesting and informative photography-related posts as well as to see his gallery of his images.  For other past editions of his magazine, please click here.

JJ, thank you again for the recognition and for this opportunity to be part of your remarkable and awe-inspiring project.

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Gasm Travels’ Second Blogger Award Nomination

flower 2


I am not traveling now. However, I am having a mixture of ‘gasmic’ feelings. Why? Gasm Travels was nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award, its second nomination after receiving the Liebster Award nomination last month.

My heartfelt appreciation to  Fransi Weinstein for the recognition.  I received her nomination last January 13, and it is only now that I am able to respond…my apology Fransi! Check out what she wrote about Gasm Travels here.

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Gasm Travels’ First Blog Award Nomination


A blog meme (blog award) is not a sponsored blog awards.  It is a viral game among bloggers where one can generate links and make new blogging friends and increase publicity for your blog.  (though personnally, i would like to think that someone really like my blog and find it interesting for him/her to nominate me).  It is also a fun way for your readers to get to know you more. So if you want to participate  in the blog award meme game, you have to follow rules or instructions posted in the blog of the person who nominated you.

Last January 6, I received my first ever nomination for a blog award, the Liebster award, a recognition for bloggers who are “up and coming” meaning have less than 200 followers or whose blog have just been published recently. I was nominated for a Liebster award by Michaela, a fellow blogger. Michaela’s blog, The Diary of a Mom…Grade 3, focuses on her everyday life as a mother of three children. She also posts regular updates about her kids. Thank you Michaela for this nomination.

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